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Apostles That Rock Profiles

Eric Sahlstrom is the Senior Writing Coordinator for ATR News. He enjoys writing about all sorts of topics ranging from politics to science and business. He currently lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife Madison. Find all of his stories at
Megan Hayes is a staff writer for ATR News and Apostles That Rock. She grew up around the Lakeland, FL area, but has been living happily with her husband Tim in the Nashville area since 2018. Megan's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She enjoys making food that's healthy and wholesome. You can find all her stories right here at
Lindsay Morrison is an stellar journalist who has written on many topics like politics, climate change, and social justice issues. She is excited to share in the journey of Apostles That Rock covering Christian music artists across the nation. You can find her stories here at
Norman Malecki serves as the Social Media Editor for ATR News. Many of his articles can be found on the ATR Facebook and at
Since 2018, Mitchell Taylor has covered some of the top breaking stories in Christian music. Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Taylor loves to go fishing throughout the year. In addition, he loves going to concerts and loves hanging out at Dollywood with friends and family.
Cora Sullivan is a contributing writer out of Houston, TX. She loves to go hiking, cooking, and reading. She has been writing for ATR News since June 2017. All her stories can be found at
Jacob lives for the outdoors. During his time away from the office, he loves going rock climbing throughout the Rockies. In addition, he also enjoys skiing and snowboarding. Collins currently lives in Holly, MI with his fiance Allyson.
Andy Burton is a Contributing Writer for Apostles That Rock. He worked prior on the Apostles That Rock podcast. He currently lives in Livonia, MI.

Kelsey Davis

Executive Administrator

Shane Patterson is a social media content creator who has worked for dozens of growing small businesses over the last 10 years. A writer by day and a musician by night, he loves writing and playing from time to time. When he's not doing either, you might just find him painting in his garage.
A recent journalism graduate with majors in English and technology, Isaiah Kemp is proud to join the ATR family and share his heart for Christian music. Kemp currently lives in the Nashville area. Look for his at

Amanda Fowler

Sales & Marketing