Ethics Policy

Apostles That Rock Code of Ethics

Apostles That Rock is an independent news organization whose mission is to culture a positive influence in Christian music and to be a voice that’s both uplifting and encouraging. We publish news from a broad scope of the entire Christian music industry and strive to uphold the highest standards of fairness and accuracy. Apostles That Rock adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

Editorial independence

As a nonprofit, Apostles That Rock relies on funding from a variety of sources: individual donations, advertising and corporate sponsorship, foundation grants, and event tickets. In all cases, however, our policy when it comes to editorial independence remains the same: All editorial decisions are made by our journalists — and only our journalists — in pursuit of any and all stories we deem newsworthy. Those who contribute to or do business with Apostles That Rock do so with the understanding that they are not entitled to preferential treatment, and that their financial support does not protect our donors, funders, advertisers or sponsors from journalistic scrutiny. Whenever a story mentions a major funder or a member of our board of directors, we will disclose that relationship in the story. 


We strive to uphold the highest standards of accuracy. Still, we will make mistakes. When we do, we will correct the story and denote the story has been updated. If you believe we have made an error in a story, please email us at or contact one of our editors. 

Sourcing & attribution

We will try our best to identify all sources, granting individuals anonymity only when it is necessary to do so. We will also seek to identify relevant affiliations and known biases of our sources as they relate to a story, and we will always make efforts to contact the primary subjects and sources of criticism in our news coverage. Our journalists will never misrepresent themselves or mislead a source to get an interview or a story. Apostles That Rock does not pay for interviews.

Conflicts of interest

Apostles That Rock journalists will not work on stories or projects in which they have a unique vested interest, financial or personal. They should avoid active, direct investment in companies or industries they regularly cover.

Secondary employment or freelance work by any of our staff or contract journalists must be cleared by an editor to ensure the work does not conflict with their responsibilities at Apostles That Rock. 

Editorial employees may moderate panels or speak at events so long as their role is purely journalistic. Apostles That Rock employees, contractors and interns will not accept any gift from any company, individual or institution that may compromise integrity or impartiality, or may damage credibility. We always pay our own way when traveling for editorial purposes.