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“Trust God, not science”—until they can’t breathe

Four officials have now been infected with COVID-19 in less than one week. All have been vaccinated. With new COVID cases on the rise, it's unthinkable to imagine that anyone who's fully vaccinated...

Things I’m doing before going to Hell

I’m going to Hell. I know this, because lots of religious people regularly make this quite clear to me.  My beliefs about the Bible, my full affirmation of the LGBTQ community, my criticisms of the American Church, (even my...

The vaccine is still out of reach for many

I was so excited to get the vaccine when it was announced that I was eligible. As someone who deals with Multiple Sclerosis, I realized just how important this vaccine was and...

The GOP and its new flagship goal

What was once the party of the great Abraham Lincoln, has now become the party of Trump.

People deserve better pay if they expect to be hired

Employment is an important part of a functioning society. In the last year, we've shifted from “support our essential workers” to “they’re living off the government dole” seemingly overnight. How people are paid...

Thinking globally about racial justice

From the pandemic to climate change to police violence, today’s crises require global collaboration on a scale never seen before.

Labor laws need new teeth

Union drives aren’t stopping. Workers deserve the right to a fair vote, without corporate interference.

COVID relief: The biggest healthcare expansion in a decade

The American Rescue Plan will help over 1 million uninsured Americans get covered — and cut premiums by half for millions more.
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