About us

Our Mission

Culturing a positive influence in Christian music. Being a voice that's both uplifting and encouraging.

We offer a community for readers who love following what's happening in Christian music, with stories centered around Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), Christian Rock, and Christian Alternative. ATR was established in January 2006 in Detroit, MI by it's late founder David Dodd and has aired it's radio show "Apostles That Rock" since January 2008 on multiple stations across the country including Detroit's WMUZ 103.5 FM. In February 2012, David unexpectedly passed away.

In 2014, Apostles That Rock was relaunched under it's new founder Thomas Lineweaver. Since that time, our network has grown to include Music News headlines, a YouTube channel, a world-wide known podcast, free music downloads and so much more.

Apostles That Rock reaches deep to help those would need to hear the Good News through music. We live in a world where our faith moves us during hard times, and that enables us to help you find the Light of Blessed Hope. We know that acceptance and support for you — just as you are, exactly where you are — is most important.

Our Vision

The vision of Apostles That Rock is two-fold; first, we intend to provide our listeners with the best podcast experience through our podcast and website. Secondly, we intend to provide well known and independent Christian bands alike with a source to be heard and supported.