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“Stand” album review by the Newsboys



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After wrapping up their final commitments of their Newsboys United-era, iconic Christian contemporary band the Newsboys seem to be ready to continue the direction they were taking with 2013’s Restart and 2016’s Love Riot. So, in 2021, the band is back with a new album, Stand, a fun and poppy return to the Michael Tait era of the Newsboys. For those new to the Newsboys, Michael Tait is the band’s current lead singer.


It’s weird, considering that Restart is closing in on a decade old and Love Riot is over five years old. And yet, these are the most recent albums that seem to be continuing the “standard” albums of the Tait era. Since Tait joined the band, the Newsboys seem to be in a pattern of normal release/worship project cycle. With two to three years between albums, this has created quite a gap from standard project to standard project. Uniteda multi-year reunion with the band’s previous membersshook up the formula. But their 2021 album, Stand, sees the band taking up where they left off with their sound in 2016’s Love Riot.


The Newsboys have long been advocates of standing up for Christ against the world, and that theme cuts through several of the album’s cuts, most notably in the title track.

Songs like “Magnetic” and “Ain’t It Like Jesus” offer rousing praise to our savior for his work in our lives. “Never Too Far Away” is a song encouraging those who have strayed to return to the arms of a loving God.


The title track is probably the strongest cut from this class of Newsboys songs.


While fans will undoubtedly miss the United era, the Tait era of the Newsboys was always a crowd-pleaser, and Stand sees that era continuing in strong form.

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